The TFT Selector will hopefully help you find the monitor which is right for you. Answer a few questions to narrow down your search and the results will show you some of the most suitable models for your needs.

  • Updated regularly to include all the best and most popular models

  • Summary of each model and link to a more detailed guide to the selections

  • Please be as specific as you can be with your selections, as this will help you narrow down the choices available

Please choose your preferences from the selections below (complete all):

What is your price range?
(Prices are approximate including VAT, actual retail price may vary slightly)

No specific budget / any price

Below 200     (<300 US Dollars)
200 - 300     (300 - 450 US Dollars)
300 - 500     (450 - 750 US Dollars)
500 - 700     (750 - 1000 US Dollars)
700 -  1000     (1000 - 1500 US Dollars)
1000 and above     (>1500 US Dollars)

What screen size would you like?

23.5 - 24 inch
24.5 - 27 inch
28 - 30 inch
31 - 33 inch
34 - 35 inch
Larger than 35 inch

Do you want a particular aspect ratio?

21:9 (inc other Ultrawide formats)
Don't mind / Other

Ultra HD / 4K and above resolution required?


Do you want a particular panel technology?

No preference
TN Film
IPS type (including similar PLS / AHVA)
VA type
Anything but TN Film

Do you have a preference with colour space (gamut)?

Standard gamut only (~100% sRGB)
Slightly extended for multimedia and HDR
     (~125% sRGB / close to DCI-P3)
More extended Wide gamut (~100% Adobe RGB)
No preference

Would you like any extra functionality specifically?

Not bothered about any in particular

Tilt Stand Adjustment
Height Adjustable Stand
Rotate Adjustment
Integrated Speakers
Blur Reduction Mode
Hardware Calibration
Decent HDR Support

What is your primary use going to be?

Movies and Video
Photo Work and Editing
Office and Internet

What is your secondary use going to be?

Movies and Video
Photo Work and Editing
Office and Internet

Variable Refresh Rate technology needed for gaming?

AMD FreeSync
Not wanted