Samsung SM205BW vs. Dell 2007WFP
Simon Baker, 16 Nov 2006



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Over the last year we've seen a steady trend of manufacturers moving away from the already popular and well established 19" sector to concentrate on the emerging 20" market. This has been matched by a growing demand by the consumer for a larger format and resolution, with an increased interest in the widescreen format in particular. Widescreen popularity is on the increase due to modern games, High Definition TV, and gaming devices all offering support for this aspect ratio. People are now looking for multi-purpose displays capable of meeting their combined multimedia needs ranging from normal desktop PC use to the connection of Blu-Ray DVD and XBox 360 devices.

Traditionally the larger diagonals have been reserved exclusively for VA and IPS type panels, but much like the 19" market before it the introduction of TN Film technology panels has helped drive costs down and improve the competition. While the larger format screens (24" in particular) remain a little out of reach for most users, the 20" market has become more affordable, and with a wide choice of technologies, specifications, and features to choose from it is becoming easier for a potential buyer to find a screen to suit their individual needs, though it also has the potential to confuse.

Dell and Samsung, two of the largest TFT manufacturers in the market are no exception with the release of their new models, the Dell 2007WFP and Samsung SM205BW. Both are widescreen format, but the models differ greatly in technology, features and price.  On the one hand the Dell offers an S-IPS panel and a wealth of connectivity and functionality. On the other, the Samsung model is more basic in function, but comes with a lower price tag due in part to its use of TN Film technology. This review aims to compare them side by side and examine their performance and usability in practice.


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