Recommended Gaming Monitors 2021

Last checked and updated 16 April 2021

We get asked all the time for advice on which monitors to buy: What’s the best gaming screen of X size and type? What’s the best ultrawide monitor for gaming? What’s the best HDR gaming display?…We thought we would try and get a list of our recommendations all in one place with key information, links to reviews or news articles (where available) and links to check pricing and buy the screen from large regional retailers.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, and I’m sure we will have missed some popular displays, but is designed to help you narrow down your selection to some of the most popular and highly regarded displays in each category. We’ve not reviewed all of these screens as we just don’t have the time sadly, but we have included those that get strong reviews and user reports elsewhere. Pricing will of course come in to consideration so we’ve tried to include a range of options where we can.

Models are listed alphabetically within each section, not in any order of preference (apart from those which are listed as “featured” which we recommend most highly).

If you spot any errors, broken links or have suggestions on other models we should consider adding please get in touch.

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