Innolux Latest Panel Development Plans – June 2019

We have some updates from Innolux about their panel development plans. This is Innolux as a panel manufacturer, as opposed to any specific monitor/display manufacturer, but it gives an indication of where monitors are likely to go in the future by looking ahead at the panel production plans. Innolux make an increasingly large range portion of the IPS-type panels (their ‘AAS’ technology) along with some VA-type options. We’ve seen these IPS-type panels adopted in more gaming screens of late, including models from Acer, Philips and Gigabyte. They give an interesting alternative to more widespread AUO and LG.Display IPS equivalents.

Please keep in mind that the production dates are not set in stone and may change, and there is then also a lag of several months before a panel is produced, then used in a display and launched to market. We have updated our panel parts database with all the new information we have as well as best we can. Here are the highlights.

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