Gigabyte Aorus FO48U with 48″ OLED Panel, 4K Resolution, 120Hz and HDMI 2.1

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Gigabyte have this week teased three new displays in their Aorus line-up on their website, with a “coming soon” holding page. There is a focus on 4K resolution, high refresh rates and the latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity. The new displays are Gigabyte’s first 4K gaming monitors and will be available in 3 sizes. There is the 31.5″ FI32U, a screen we already brought you some early information about in this news piece earlier this month. There is the 43.4″ FV43U which we also covered this month in this news piece.

Most interesting of all though is a new flagship model which will be their largest screen so far, the 48″ FO48U which they talk about as being the World’s first 48″ gaming monitor. This screen uses an OLED panel and will be a direct competitor to the very popular LG 2020 CX and 2021 C1 48″ TV models.
The 3 new screens announced on’s teaser page

There is very little information listed for the 48″ FO48U model at this time, but given the use of an OLED panel we can draw some conclusions. The screen is certainly a large format and so is less aimed at desktop users, and instead aimed at more general entertainment/TV/console type usage. We expect this would use the same LG.Display OLED panel as the popular LG CX model too.


We already know that this model will offer a 3840 x 2160 “4K” resolution and a 120Hz native refresh rate. HDMI 2.1 is provided (2x ports) to allow for 4K @ 120Hz from modern PC graphics cards as well as from latest generation games consoles where supported. The presence of HDMI 2.1 means that features like HDMI-org VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) are provided as well which is useful for modern games consoles. A real 1ms G2G response time is quoted and something which should be realistic given the use of OLED. It’s not 100% clear but we would perhaps expect the inclusion of a strobing blur reduction backlight / BFI mode which works very well on OLED panels like the LG CX OLED.

The usage of OLED means per-pixel dimming for exceptional HDR capabilities, infinite contrast ratios, true black and no blooming or halos. Peak brightness capabilities are not yet listed but if it is using the same panel as the LG CX then expect this to be around 700 cd/m2 for HDR.

Hopefully there will be support for different HDR standards including HDR10, Dolby Vision etc although this is not yet confirmed or even mentioned. This might be just HDR10 if it’s more aimed at monitor and console usage, and might drop other common TV HDR formats. We would expect a wide colour gamut with a high DCI-P3 coverage and 10-bit colour depth support.

It’s not confirmed whether the FO48U will feature TV-like features like the LG CX OLED display, including built in tuners, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other smart TV features. We suspect with a focus on gaming and it being part of the Aorus monitor line-up these features will probably be omitted in favour of keeping retail cost down, but time will tell. Gigabyte have confirmed in their promotional video that familiar “tactical” features like Aim Stabilizer, black equalizer and game assist modes are provided like on their normal gaming monitor range.

Image of connectivity from the Gigabyte promotional video that talks about HDMI 2.1. It’s not 100% clear if this is an image from the FO48U or one of the other screens they are promoting in the video

As well as HDMI 2.1 it will be interesting to see if Gigabyte provide DisplayPort connectivity, as that is something not offered currently on any TV including the LG CX OLED. Their promotional video talks about 2x HDMI 2.1 and provides the above screenshot within the FO48U section. While not talked about, this image does show DisplayPort, USB type-C, 2x USB 3.0 ports along with a headphone jack and audio output. We are not sure if this is supposed to represent the connections of the FO48U as this video is also talking about their other new 4K gaming screens (FI32U and FV43U). So this could well be a generic image not actually representative of the FO48U OLED monitor. Time will tell.

We’d expect the stand to have no adjustments given the screen size here by the way.

The 3 new screens announced on’s teaser page – the FO48U is on the right

Source: Gigabyte

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