Xerox XA7-192i Confusion

The Xerox XA7-192i was a hot favourite when it was released, and rightfully so. It features great looks, an affordable price, a rare glass fronted screen, and one of the best panels around at the moment in the 19" market. The 8ms AUO P-MVA panel has already proved itself in the Viewsonic VP191B/S and with a lower price, the Xerox is a popular choice.

However, it was unveiled that the XA7-192i was in fact using three different panels. This was the response I received from Xerox Service in Europe after much digging:

Yes, we adopt the panels as you described.

- AU M190EN03 V.0 8ms GTG 250 nits 800:1 ANTI-GLARE MVA, 16.7M Colors
- CMO M190E5-L0A 8ms 300 nits 700:1 ANTI-GLARE TN, 16.2M Colors
- AU M190EN03 V.2 8ms.
(which they did not list the spec for, but after some digging, this is a relatively unknown panel and supposedly offers specs of 1000:1 and 250cd/m2. However, AUO do not list this, so it is hard to compare)

It seemed that many people were getting mixed reactions to their screens, some loving them, and some having problems, mostly finding viewing angles to be poor. After checking a large batch of serial numbers, it was confirmed many people had the CMO TN Film panel. This situation has been raised to the product manager in the UK, and has been passed internally at Xerox to the managing director in Taipei. Hopefully we will have some clarification about which panels are used, and if there are any obvious ways to tell which one you would receive as a new purchase. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any trend to the serial numbers to indicate the panel used either...

24/9/05 - For those who have bought this monitor from OcUK, the UK supplier of Xerox displays has come to an agreement exclusively with OcUK. This involves a zero dead pixel policy, and they are also working hard to arrange replacements for all those who have the CMO TN panel. This will involve a trade out for the P-MVA panel. They are also arranging a stock of this panel to be sent to OcUK for future buyers. Please check the OcUK forums for more updates as they happen

11/3/06 - Sorry for the lack of update in a while. There are still mixed reports fro users about the performance of their screens, some seeming to display P-MVA-like viewing angles for instance, others not showing this and looking more like TN Film panels. Xerox European support seem to suggest all the models I checked were TN Film (panel from CMO) but I remain somewhat unconvinced by them. There are reports that maybe the P-MVA version was sent out to reviewers only and not for general use. I would suggest that if you are looking to get this screen then you be wary of this possible mix up and would expect to receive a TN Film version. Xerox don't look like they can replace the models or source P-MVA version from their factories in China sadly.


If you want to check with Xerox which panel you have, send your serial to:
Their website is also here:


I will update this news with more information as soon as I have it



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