How to Fix the Backlight Bleed on the Dell 2005FPW

This method is only for the brave, and WILL no doubt void your warranty. However, it is a method to fix or at least greatly reduce, the backlight bleed issues which seem to have plagued the Dell 2005FPW since it's release. If you want to try it, here is the method. I would be very interested to hear feedback about this method, so please contact me if you try this.

(TFT Central cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems that this method might cause. This process will void your warranty, and is only provided for informative purposes)




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irst, take the monitor off the stand and remove the 4 black screws on the VESA mount.

Next, here's the tricky part - you must pop off the front bezel. It's held on by plastic clips. The easiest way to do this that I could find was to go in through the slits on the bottom of the monitor frame. Use one or two thin flathead screwdrivers. Start by prying into the slit and go inward toward the middle of the monitor to get the first clip undone. Basically once you get one clip undone you can just slide the screwdriver around the edge of the frame and pop off all the others. Take care not to scratch the frame as it is pretty weak plastic.

So now you have all the clips undone, flip the monitor over (oh yeah, it's good to lay a towel down so you don't muck up the screen) and pull off the back - it should come off effortlessly.

Remove this little piece of metal covering some plugs. It pops off easily

Unplug these connectors so that you can get the steel panel off:

Another tricky part - carefully pull the circuitry off the front bezel. It's glued on but comes off relatively easily - just don't bend it too much. And don't worry - it sticks right back on.

Remove the 4 screws at each corner on the sides of the LCD panel. This will allow you to take off the steel apparatus that holds all the circuit boards.

As you're taking the steel apparatus off, unplug this little guy under it. Squeeze the metal clips on the sides to get it off. It's nice to have a friend or roommate to hold the steel part while you do this but it can be done alone.

The LCD panel reveals its true identity:

Flip the panel over. There's a steel frame around the whole thing held on by plastic and metal clips. Take this off.


Your monitor should now look like this.

Now, for the fixing. Get a roll of electrical tape, cut it in half width-wise. I found this easiest to do by cutting the tape while it was still on the roll with a razor blade, right down the middle. Apply tape to the very edge of the black part of the glass and wrap it around the edge of the frame. I didn't get a chance to experiment here, I just figured it's best to keep it off the black but over the silver. Feel free to mess around here. Apply this tape wherever you had bleeding or just do it all around the edge of the whole thing. Don't worry about getting tape on the plastic flaps on some of the edges, it won't hurt it. 


Ok, you're done fixing. Now put it all back together, remember to plug everything back in that you unplugged (wide plug under the steel plate, 4 smaller plugs over the steel plate). Stick the circuit board for the front bezel buttons back in place, make sure it's lined up properly. Everything should snap and screw back together easily. Plug it back in and see how much better it is.

Some thoughts on my experience - I only regret not putting tape all the way around the LCD, I still have one spot of bleed on the bottom right. I'll probably end up fixing it later. I managed to undo all the clips without scratching anything, it doesn't look like it was ever opened.


Original credit goes to 'pous2' from forums, in his post here (translated from French) and to 'saltiness' from [H]ard|forum in his post here.



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