Dell 1905FP - 20ms or 8ms version?

The Dell 1905FP has always been advertised the same way by Dell and other retailers, offering a 20ms panel along with 800:1 contrast ratio, 250cd/m2 brightness and 178 / 178 viewing angles. This was based on a Samsung PVA panel, the LTM190E4 which had already been used in the Samsung 193P. There is no doubt that this is perhaps one of the best 19" panels for the non gamer, offering excellent image quality, colours and viewing angles. However, this was not really suitable for much gaming, but the 1905FP remained popular for other users.

In April 2005 Dell started shipping monitors to customers in France which came with a different panel, which was the P-MVA panel from AU Optronics (the M190EN03 V0). This is the same panel which has been used in the Viewsonic VP191B and is offering an 8ms G2G response time. This panel is much more suited to gamers, offering a truly low response time and still offering the benefits of the VA technology including deep colours and wide viewing angles. The static image quality may not be as good as the 20ms version, but the 8ms model is another excellent panel. In May 2005 the UK stock began to feature this new panel as well. There is not really any easy way to find out which version you might get, as the 1905FP is still listed as 20ms on the official site. If you want to find out, you might be able to get the stockist to check for you, or just take the plunge and hope for whichever version you want.

To find out which version of the 1905FP you have:

1- Turn off your screen
2- Press simultaneously the 'Menu' and '+' button of the screen.
3- While holding the 2 buttons press now the 'Power' button.
4- Once the screen in ON, unpress the 3 buttons.
5- Go to OSD menu (by pressing 'Menu' button) then select the 'Reinit' option (red point at the bottom of menu).
6- Select 'Factory' option.
7- You can see now the panel manufacturer

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You should get one of three screens:

        LTM190E4 - Samsung 20ms PVA
        M190EN03 - AUO 8ms P-MVA
        AUO 19 - the same AUO 8ms P-MVA


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