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We are hoping to launch a mobile version of this site very soon as we appreciate that a lot of the content is difficult to view from mobile devices. While we get the mobile site together, please help us test the functionality and provide any feedback you might have.

We have created a test version of the homepage only of the site (other content to follow once testing complete). Please read the points below:

Test homepage:

  • When viewed from a desktop PC or tablet, it should load the normal page design, and you will see "TESTING" in red at the top

  • When viewed from a mobile device you should see the new mobile friendly site design. It will take you to

  • If a user on a desktop or tablet tries to view the mobile site (for instance is someone links to it) then it should divert them back to the desktop version of the site. Going to from a PC should take you to our desktop homepage

Desktop Site                                                        Mobile Site

Please drop us an email to let us know:

  1. Does the mobile site load correctly on your devices? - which devices do you have?

  2. Does the menu system work ok at the top?

  3. Does the layout and content look ok and flow correctly?

  4. Using the "view desktop site" link at the bottom, or requesting the desktop site from your phone browser options should load the normal desktop site (closing the browser tab and re-opening should take you back to the mobile site again)

  5. Does the search function work ok at the bottom?

  6. Any other feedback appreciated

Note that all the other pages of the site will load in to the desktop version at the moment, only the homepage will show the new design for mobiles

Contact us with feedback and testing




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